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  • Create conditions for increasing of education and professional level of respective employees of Association.
  • Care for proper performance of members and for high professional level and ethical standards.
  • Provide informational and consultation services.
  • Regulate activities of members in accordance Slovak law and international standards valid in capital markets.
  • Cooperate with organs of financial supervision, organizer of public securities market and further more subjects active at capital market.
  • Represent eligible interests of members and assert their justified requirements when dealing with legislative and executive authorities of the State, the organizer of public security market, as well as legal persons performing the function of central securities depository, the Investment Guarantee Fund, etc.
  • Support extrajudicial resolution of disputes in between members of Association, respectively in between the members of the Association and third parties.
  • Notify the professional and general public about possibilities of financial investments for legal and natural persons and provide basic information about activities of its members.
  • Perform the functions of the educational institution organizing special financial education.
  • Insure the performance professional examinations on basis of special permit of NBS in accordance with the Act. 186/2009 Coll. about financial intermediation and financial advisory.